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Edmonds Real Estate

What to Expect if You Are Moving to Edmonds, Washington

Located in Snohomish County just north of Seattle and just south of Mukilteo and Everett, Edmonds is situated right on Puget Sound. Many luxury homes in the Edmonds Bowl area have spectacular Puget Sound views. In fact these water views make the homes in the Edmonds Bowl neighborhood some of the most expensive waterfront property in the entire city.

The City of Edmonds

Edmonds has a population of approximately 40,000 according to the most recent census taken in 2010 and a mean income of $42,000. The average age is 46 with most of the residents in the city being under the age of 64. Unlike many areas in Washington, employment in the city has been growing faster than the population. While there are a number of homes for sale, the number of job openings is still growing faster than real estate is being sold.

The recent downturn in the economy does not seem to have affected the real estate market in Edmonds. This may be in part due to the number of properties that have both an outstanding Puget Sound view as well of one of the Olympic Mountains. Due to the city being located no more than 11 miles from Seattle; there are a number of town homes and condos for sale. These are ideal starter homes for those who want to live in the suburbs but work in the city.

Luxury Homes Abound

If you are interested in luxury homes, town houses or condos, the Meadowvale area of Edmonds is the place to start your search with many of these homes, those with a Puget Sound view in particular, commanding prices in excess of $500,000. Those that sit further inland average in the $150,000 to $200,000 range which makes them much more affordable for the average family looking for real estate in the Seattle area.

While real estate in Edmonds still commands a high price, the city has plenty to offer. For example there are over 30 different parks as well as playing fields for you and your family to enjoy. There is even an underwater park designed specifically for scuba divers. Despite its proximity to Seattle, the city boasts a downtown area that very relaxed and friendly. With a number of fantastic restaurants and great shops to enjoy, spending a Sunday downtown can be a wonderfully peaceful and rewarding experience.

Edmonds Has Plenty to Offer

Property sells quickly in Edmonds as it has so much to offer, especially for those who work in Seattle as commuting is relatively simple. You can ride the commuter bus or catch the Sounder train and leave your car parked in the garage.

Spend your days at work in the city, but when you buy real estate close to the beach, you can come home at night, to enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets to be seen anywhere in Washington, if not anywhere in the world. From luxury single family homes to luxuries condos, Edmonds has the perfect home for everyone and one of the most inviting communities in the Pacific Northwest. Take the time out to relax on the local beach, watch the ferries crossing and enjoy living in a city that many call the gem of the Northwest.

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